xarchive icon XArchive A GTK+ front-end for command line archiving tools.

Download Latest Version 0.2.8-6

Get the latest Source and Debian packages from the SourceForge downloads page.

New features:

  • Drag and Drop files onto an open archive listing, or the add-to-archive dialog, to add files to an archive.
  • Some nice GUI fixes from LoneFox
  • Support for extracting from password protected archives. (in order to maintain some password security the archiver will get the password from you directly in an xterm)
  • For you BSD folks, this release should compile nicely for you and install wrappers tailored to your bsd tar and date tools. Thank you Mark Kane for your help and comments.
  • Double-Left-Click an archive's entry to have it temporarily extracted and viewed with a user set default handler. Thank you David Reiss
  • ...and more.

Here are some useful links to the command-line archivers your distro might not provide (and some programming info, in case you feel like fiddling)

Note: To compile you'll need the development files for GTK+ (version >= 2.6.0). Debian users want the package libgtk2.0-dev, Fedora/Redhat users want the gtk2-devel package. The README has more details (though not that much more is needed really).

For all you Gentoo folk, Alessio D'Ascanio has graciously provided an ebuild. For now, it can be found in this gentoo bugzilla report.

Thanks to Mark Kane the FreeBSD port can be found at /usr/ports/archivers/xarchive

Visit the SourceForge XArchive Project Page for detailed release info.


XArchive is a little different from your average bear.

It's not designed for any specific set of command line archiving tools. Instead XArchive uses external wrappers to talk to the command line tools. When XArchive starts up it checks it's wrapper directory, consulting each wrapper found to see if the appropriate command line tools are installed and, if so, what file types are supported. This means that a new archive format can easily be supported by just writing a wrapper for it's command line tool and dropping it in the wrappers directory.

Currently there are bash shell wrappers for: rar, tar, zip, 7zip, arj, rpm, deb, and ace

(ace supported using unace, so only reading and extracting available).

Having these wrappers as fairly simple bash shell scripts means they are quite easily copied and modified to add support for different tools. In fact, once I had the tar-wrap.sh written and fully functional, making the zip-wrap.sh, rar-wrap.sh, and ace-wrap.sh from it took less than an hour.

Interested? Well then, come on down and read the Manpage


Or, you can mail me directly if ya like at Lee Bigelow<ligelowbee@yahoo.com>

You can verify my signed emails with my GnuPG public key ligelowbee-pubkey.asc or from a keyserver like subkeys.pgp.net with key F0CD8C34. (Feel free to go all James Bond on me and encrypt the mail you send. It's fun, you'll dig it.)

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For more check out the project page screen shots.


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There's another project out there similar to this one called Xarchiver (by Giuseppe Torelli) . So if this is the kind of app you're looking for (why else would you be here?) you should go give his a try as well. (Mmmm.. choice, what a wonderful world).

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